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Facility Overview

Reno-Tahoe International Airport is Northern Nevada's premier airport. As such, the airport hosts thousands of visitors each day. In addition to airport terminals, ticketing counters, and security lines, the airport is host to restaurants, shops, offices, and more. The building has unique demands for climate and lighting control.


A building that operates nearly 24 hours a day and seven days a week presents challenges for saving energy. Continually changing occupancy levels creates complex demands for fresh air and cooling. To complicate matters, this large open facility has exterior doors that remain open constantly and present a challenge for maintaining building pressure.


ATC worked with airport maintenance staff to control lighting and a wide variety of HVAC equipment. In one of the more advanced systems, we use cutting-edge airflow sensors in conjunction with CO2 sensors to determine occupancy levels and deliver the necessary amount of fresh air while maintaining positive building pressure. In another application we use solar calendars to calculate when to turn on/off exterior lights.


A wide variety of equipment is controlled, and we work regularly with building staff to implement energy-saving strategies, and to maintain occupant comfort. With remote access to building control systems, and building data hosted on a custom-built website, we are able to help troubleshoot building problems anywhere and anytime.

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