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    We Offer Intelligent Building Solutions

    Because your building should work smarter, not harder.

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    Design Teams, Building Owners, and Facility Managers

    We work with you before, during, and long after construction.

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    25 Years of Experience, Yet Family Run

    You can trust us to develop a smart building that meets your needs.

access-icon.png Access Control

  • Customizable access schedules
  • Accurate tenant tracking
  • Low cost to change keys
  • Remote security monitoring

lighting-icon.pngLighting Control

  • Stop lighting empty spaces
  • Customizable lighting schemes
  • Energy tracking and cost calculations
  • Save energy and save money

temperature-icon.pngClimate Control

  • Advanced comfort control
  • Innovative energy-saving strategies
  • Predictive occupancy scheduling
  • Remote facility control

integrated-three-arrows.pngWhen lighting, access, and climate control work together, your building works at new levels to keep you comfortable while saving you money.

integrated-data.pngWe use data collected from all three control systems to learn the behavior of occupants in your building so as to make your building more comfortable with less expense.

integrated-weather.pngWe use weather forecasts to avoid energy demands at peak costs, and more accurately control your building by anticipating future energy loads.

integrated-tech.pngWe provide you with the latest technology to monitor and control your entire building on the web, through any connected device, from anywhere in the world.

ATC / Northern Nevada Building Automation Systems

For 25 years, ATC has been providing Northern Nevada with green, energy-efficient, intelligent building solutions. We are trusted experts in control systems, and our clients include the most recognizable buildings in Northern Nevada. We work hard to ensure every one of our clients are satisfied, not only through the construction process, but throughout the life of their buildings. Whether your building is yet to be designed, or is in desperate need of renovation, please give us an opportunity to make your building smart.


ATC proudly uses Delta Controls' products. Delta Controls is one of the largest independent manufacturers of building automation systems with more than 300 installers in over 80 countries.