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Facility Overview

The Reno-Sparks Convention Center, the premier convention facility in Northern Nevada, hosts thousands of guests for a wide variety of large conferences throughout the year. The facility boasts 5 exhibit halls, 1 ballroom, 53 meeting rooms, and a large central lobby, comprising over 500,000 square feet of convention space.


Guests require comfortable climate control in large spaces with variable occupancy levels. Facility managers require intuitive and easy scheduling, given the irregular nature of this convention center's occupancy.


ATC installed a Delta Controls system in 3 separate phases, involving over 1,500 physical sensors/devices and 2,000 software points, to provide full HVAC control of:

  • 3 chillers and associated pumps
  • 3 boilers and associated pumps
  • 20 air conditioning units
  • 26 constant-volume air handlers
  • 6 multi-zone air handlers
  • 6 variable-air-volume air handlers
  • 54 variable air volume boxes
  • 13 fan coils
  • 25+ exhaust fans
  • CO2 monitoring and control


For more than 10 years, ATC has continued to work with Convention Center staff to maintain the facility's optimum function. The facility managers enjoy the ease-of-use of the Delta Controls system. Pleased with the relationship ATC has created with them, we have discussed future work to integrate their HVAC system with other building automation systems, such as lighting control.

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