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Facility Overview

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA) is a private, non-profit 501 (c) 3 cultural organization. It operates under a long-term contract with the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) to manage the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts. Located in downtown Reno, this 1,500-seat venue is the largest public performing arts facility in northern Nevada.


Existing HVAC equipment was failing and was run by outdated temperature controls. The first phase was to upgrade the central plant with new boilers and pumps along with the replacement of the facilities entire control system. The second phase involved installing a lighting panel to interface with the HVAC occupancy event scheduling so as to enable and disable lights in areas when HVAC equipment is disabled.


The system retrofits had to be scheduled so as to not impact the performing-arts schedule. The heating system was replaced during the summer months along with individual air handler controls. Each zone damper control was verified and placed into operation before the next zone was verified. The air handler economizers were rebuilt and tested to verify free-cooling and building-ventilation requirements. Once the HVAC equipment and controls were upgraded, the lighting retrofit was started. The retrofit of the lighting controls took approximately 2 weeks, all the time working around the owner's scheduled events.


With the system upgraded and verified for operation, the owner has the ability to access the facilities lighting and HVAC system controls from home via the Internet, or while on-site through the maintenance staff's PC or from the director's office. This permits easy scheduling of events from anywhere in the world, and enables HVAC equipment and lighting to work in seamlessly with each other. ATC continues to work with the staff to improve the facility's building controls.

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