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Facility Overview

This facility is the archive for the State of Nevada's important documents. The 130,000 ft2 facility includes a large entrance atrium and multiple floors with offices and storage areas. It was built in 1992.


The facility's existing Direct Digital Control (DDC) System was failing and the manufacture of the DDC system had gone out of business several years prior to our upgrade. Variable volume air handlers, VAV boxes, central plant cooling, heating and lighting controls required more maintenance man-power than was available. As a result, the majority of the building HVAC equipment was on 24/7.


All existing HVAC controls were replaced with Delta Controls products during ongoing occupancy of the facility. This work was orchestrated to minimize occupant interruption and was completed in 3 phases. The first phase was to upgrade the chilled water HVAC system and provide control of the cooling plant. Once this was completed the second phase upgraded 4 variable volume air handlers, 1 constant volume air handler, and the heating water system. The final phase upgraded 102 VAV boxes with reheat coils. All existing lighting controllers were replaced with Delta Controls lighting controllers.


The facility upgrade reduced maintenance labor cost and tenant complaints. Lighting scheduling was made easier and provides additional scheduling options. HVAC equipment is scheduled on and off based on demand, thus saving energy and money.

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