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Facility Overview

The state capital is a historical site located in Carson City. The exterior walls were cut from stone quarries and are over 2 feet wide. It is home for our governor and many of the staff. The building also comprises an extension that is 3 stories.


Because of the historical rating of the facility, we decided to use wireless communication to replace existing pneumatic zone sensors. The building has an updated heating water system with energy efficient boilers located in the basement that server dual duct box air handlers located in the upper mechanical room. The dual duct boxes are located in ceiling and on catwalks.

The additional structure attached to the capital building has 1 variable air volume air handler with multiple variable air volume (VAV) boxes with re-heat coils.

In addition to the HVAC control, the staff wanted to be able to enable lighting after hours.


We installed wireless sensor in each room that provide feedback to the Delta controllers serving the individual dual duct boxes, thus eliminating any damage to the interior of the building and providing minimal interruption to the governor and staff. We then replaced the existing pneumatic controls with direct digital control at each of the dual duct boxes, air handlers, heating and chilled water systems. This renovated system provides accurate control, increased staff comfort, and less on-site maintenance.

We installed an interface to the existing lighting system that enables the interior hallway lights by pressing a timed override button on each floor.


Maintenance time has been reduced at the facility and, with remote access by the maintenance staff and ATC, we are able to increase staff comfort and provide a more energy-efficient facility, thereby saving tax-payers' money.

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