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Facility Overview

The Nevada State Public Works Board is responsible for the planning, design, and management of state-owned buildings. The Eicon building, a multi-level office building, houses engineers and personnel responsible for these tasks. Innovative control solutions that are tested in the Eicon building are implemented in other state-owned facilities, once the state's engineers are satisfied with a system's efficacy and energy-saving benefits.


Originally built in the 1970's, the building was renovated in 2004 with a new chiller plant, boiler, and more than 50 fan coil units. The client, with an intimate understanding of building system design, demands an unprecedented level of accuracy and attention to detail in building control. A recent electrical renovation added occupancy sensors to control space lights, but this work was done by another company, with a system not natively compatible with the climate control system, and so benefits of integrated lighting- and climate-control systems could not be realized.


ATC works closely with engineers that occupy the Eicon building to implement innovative energy-saving building control solutions. We fully control the building's HVAC system, including the central plant, with a Delta Controls system, through which we can test software-based energy-saving control strategies. We integrated the building's lighting control system with our climate-control system by using wireless circuit load sensors to monitor the state of space lights. We used this occupancy information to limit temperature control of unoccupied spaces, and reduce energy consumption.


The cost of integrating lighting- and climate-control was so low and the energy savings so significant, that the client was able to realize a very short return-on-investment, saving tax-payers money. ATC continues to work hard with this very knowledgeable client, to help them realize significant energy savings, and a corresponding decrease in operating cost, so as to save tax-payers' money.

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